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IPv4 Multihoming Motivation, Practices and Limitations (v03)
Description: Multihoming is an essential component of service for many sites which are part of the Internet. This document describes some implementation strategies for multihoming with IPv4 and enumerates features for comparison with other multihoming proposals (particularly those related to IPv6).
Added on: 08-Oct-2004 | Downloads: 1591

Things MULTI6 Developers should think about (v01)
Description: This document specifies a set of questions that authors should be prepared to answer as part of a solution to multihoming with IPv6. The questions do not assume that multihoming is the only problem of interest, nor do they demand a more general solution either.
Added on: 08-Oct-2004 | Downloads: 1591

Threats relating to IPv6 multihoming solutions (v03)
Description: This document lists security threats related to IPv6 multihoming. Multihoming can introduce new opportunities to redirect packets to different, unintended IP addresses. The intent is to look at how IPv6 multihoming solutions might make the Internet less secure than the current Internet, without studying any proposed solution but instead looking at threats that are inherent in all IPv6 multihoming solutions. The threats in this document build upon the threats discovered and discussed as part of the Mobile IPv6 work.
Added on: 08-Oct-2004 | Downloads: 1591

Architectural Approaches to Multi-Homing for IPv6 (v04)
Description: This memo provides an analysis of the architectural aspects of multi-homing support for the IPv6 protocol suite. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a taxonomy for classification of various proposed approaches to multi-homing. It is also an objective of this exercise to identify common aspects of this domain of study, and also to provide a framework that can allow exploration of some of the further implications of various architectural extensions that are intended to support multi-homing.
Added on: 08-Oct-2004 | Downloads: 1591

Hash Based Addresses (HBA) (v00)
Description: This memo describes a mechanism to provide a secure binding between the multiple addresses with different prefixes available to a host within a multihomed site. The main idea is that information about the multiple prefixes is included within the addresses themselves. This is achieved by generating the interface identifiers of the addresses of a host as hashes of the available prefixes and a random number. Then, the multiple addresses are generated by prepending the different prefixes to the generated interface identifiers. The result is a set of addresses, called Hash Based Addresses (HBAs), that are inherently bound.
Added on: 20-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591

Multihoming L3 Shim Approach (v00)
Description: This document specifies a particular approach to IPv6 multihoming. The approach is based on using a multi6 shim placed between the IP endpoint sublayer and the IP routing sublayer, and, at least initially, using routable IP locators as the identifiers visible above the shim layer. The approach does not introduce a "stack name" type of identifier, instead it ensures that all upper layer protocols can operate unmodified in a multihomed setting while still seeing a stable IPv6 address.
Added on: 20-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591

Multi6 Application Referral Issues (v00)
Description: In order to fully solve the scalable multihoming problem there is a need to separate the current IP address functionality into identifiers (which are used to identify e.g., TCP connections) and locators which are used to forward packets in the routing system. Such a separation has an impact on the current use of IP address in the application layer. This document presents these issues for the purposes of stimulating discussions.
Added on: 20-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591

Failure Detection and Locator Selection in Multi6 (v00)
Description: This draft discusses locator pair selection and failure detection mechanisms for the IPv6 multihoming feature being developed in the Multi6 working group. Elements of this document may also be useful for developing the details of the MOBIKE or HIP multihoming mechanisms. The draft also discusses the roles of a multihoming protocol versus network attachment functions at IP and link layers.
Added on: 20-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591

Functional decomposition of the M6 protocol (v00)
Description: In this note we will present a functional decomposition of the M6 protocol i.e. the protocol for preserving established communications in multihomed environments. We will do so by describing a protocol walkthrough, presenting which functions have to be performed at each stage and the messages required to accomplish them. The functional decomposition presented in this draft is based on the general functional analysis of multihoming approaches presented in [3].
Added on: 20-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591