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IPv6 Forum
Description: The IPv6 Forum, raising IPv6 awareness
Added on: 13-Apr-2003 | Downloads: 2387
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
Description: The Internet standards organisation
Added on: 13-Apr-2003 | Downloads: 2232
Trans Eurasia Information Network (TEIN)
Description: TEIN connects researchers in Europe and Asia
Added on: 13-Apr-2003 | Downloads: 1316
IPv6 Ready Logo program
Description: The worldwide program for IPv6 conformance.
Added on: 24-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 2457
Deep Space 6
Description: The Linux IPv6 portal
Added on: 24-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 2753
North American IPv6 Task Force
Description: Dedicated to advancement and propogation of IPv6
Added on: 25-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 2412
Description: The experimental IPv6 network
Added on: 25-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 2731
IPv6 Style Magazine
Description: The latest IPv6 news from Japan
Added on: 25-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 2367
China IPv6 Council
Description: IPv6 news from China
Added on: 25-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 1448
Description: Coordination of IPv6 in US research networks
Added on: 25-Nov-2003 | Downloads: 1297
Description: General IPv6 links and information
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 2637
Sun playground site
Description: IPv6 implementation and other links
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1430
Linux IPv6 HowTo
Description: The original IPv6 Linux site
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1331
KAME IPv6 stack
Description: The definitive IPv6 stack for BSD
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1435
USAGI IPv6 for Linux
Description: The USAGI IPv6 stack for Linux
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1293
Lancaster IPv6 Resource site
Description: General IPv6 information including 6bone maps
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1351
Description: General IPv6 news and information site
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1453
Internet2 IPv6 WG
Description: Internet2 (Abilene) IPv6 Working Group
Added on: 03-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1346
The Open Contributors Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (OCCAID)
Description: OCCAID is collaboration between research comunities and ISPs, working to develop and deploy next generation technologies, which IPv6 is included, for enrichment of commercial and advanced internet applications.
Added on: 11-May-2005 | Downloads: 2334